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8 oz. Kitchen soap recipe: 3 variations Kitchen soap banishes grease and leaves your hands feeling clean and refreshed.
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  • While the lye solution is cooling, measure out the oils and butters and combine them in a large stainless pot.
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    This simple cold process soap recipe creates a nice, hard bar with plenty of lather and moisturizing properties.

  • Sep 16, 2022 · Place the soap-making pot with the solid oils on the stove over medium-low heat.
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    Weigh the distilled water into a glass jug.

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  • A very basic recipe of a natural 100% olive oil soap, one of the most well-known ingredients for handmade soap.
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    Use the Cold Process Method plus the following recipe specific steps: In Step 4 – Mix lye and oil between 120 and 140.

  • Set aside to cool.
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    Put this in a larger bowl or the sink and fill the outside bowl about half full with cold water and ice so it’s very cold.

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    That’s 34% olive oil, 33% coconut oil, and 33% palm oil.