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Wondering how much fuel you can save in your operation? Fill in your. Sep 9, 2021 · Generators to use 2-3 gallons of propane per hour; Fireplaces to use 1-3 gallons of propane per hour; The Average Cost of Propane Per Year.
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  • 73 pounds.
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    Calculator for cost per mile or kilometer.

  • So, 1 watt/hour = 1/4 gallons of propane = 4.
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    Fuel consumption is based on full rated horsepower at operating RPM used.

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    65 gallons of propane weigh approximately 2.

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  • How to calculate MPG or L/100km.
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    Learn how to calculate a generator’s propane consumption before buying one.

  • Multiplying by 100 gives numbers before the decimal point.
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    Fuel Consumption Calculator.